About us

Established in 2008, Arialbil Technology started its journey with a goal to support/aid the plastic industries in its home turf, Bangladesh.

In the beginning we were restricted to only providing spare parts, like hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps and other electrical equipments, and services to other plastic industries. among these spare parts some were pretty rare and expensive, which wouldn’t be found in Bangladesh. Also delivering goods to customers as soon as possible with competitive price has been the starting target for Arialbil Technology. Besides by using skilled engineers Arialbil Technology has been growing well known in the world of plastic industries.

In 2012, Arialbil took a huge step by signing a deal with China’s largest and famous injection molding machine manufacturer, Ningbo Haijing Plastic machinery Co. Ltd. in order to sell its goods in Bangladesh.

Now we can provide PET blow molding from Taizhou Huangyan Dianya Machinery Co. Ltd. extrusion blow molding machine from Zhangjiagang Yijiu Machinery Co., Ltd. and PET preform mould, hanger mould, and also household product mould.